Advantages of Using a Fan Heater

Space heaters are a reliable way to heat the areas of a house, apartment or condo you use the most, without wasting energy trying to heat your entire home. When looking for the right model, consider the advantages a fan heater can provide.

A heater that uses a fan is the most affordable type; they work by blowing warmed air into a room. Oftentimes units have a ceramic heating element - ceramic plates and aluminum baffles - which get heated as electricity passes through. A fan blows the generated heat outwards.

Their simple design makes them as affordable as they are efficient. The heating unit heats up quickly and doesn't need much electricity to run. As a result, the upfront and long term cost of one is minimal.

These ceramic heaters are a safe way to heat your home, being the top choice for consumers when looking for safety. This is because the heating element doesn't get nearly as hot as other types. Most models have built-in mechanisms that reduce the flow of electricity once the heating element reaches 380 degrees F.

While fires used to be a big concern from using space heaters, modern models offer multiple safety features to prevent such accidents.

One of the greatest advantages of a fan-forced heater is their portability. You can carry these compact units from room to room and enjoy customized heating anywhere! Many models come with carry handles so they're easy to tote.

They are generally very compact, come in one piece and often fit on a table top. All you need is a standard electrical outlet with no other installation or set-up required. The portability of a room heater makes it great versatile supplemental heat that's easy to use and store.

Bring one with you in an RV, to use while camping, or on vacation. If you need it to heat one room at a time, buy a single fan heater for the entire house! Their small size makes them ideal for small areas like bathrooms too.

While not completely silent, these heaters can be surprisingly undisruptive. If you don't mind a low hum, they're a great low-profile heating solution. They never get very loud, so any noise they produce won't outweigh the other benefits of affordability and portability provided.

Taking it one step further, a heater may in fact have the noise advantage! The white noise can be a soothing way to block out other noises as you're trying to sleep. Voices down the hall or cars zooming by outside can be much less of a distraction when you have on the steady whirling of a fan. If you plan on using one during bed time, look for a model with a programmable timer that will automatically turn off your unit after a certain time; saving you electricity as you sleep.

A heater with a fan warms an entire room, making it the most versatile heating choice. Chances are you'll be moving around the room and will want the entire space warm.

Many heaters offer a fan-only mode that lets you use the fan setting without the heater on. That means you can have winter heating and summer cooling in one convenient unit! Not all models have this option, so make sure the unit you want has a fan-only feature if it's something you want.

While a space heater lets you turn down the central thermostat of your home in the winter, a fan also keeps the A/C from overworking in the summer. A fan is a great supplement to your central air conditioner because it helps move cool air around in a room, creating a cool draft instead of stale air.

Fan heaters are a popular choice for heating large, frequently used living areas for short periods of time since the entire space will become warm.

Using a small heater allows you to turn down your central thermostat and heat only the rooms you're using the most, saving you energy at home. By reducing the amount of energy you consume you not only lower your monthly utility bill, you also contribute less greenhouse gasses to the environment.

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